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Give yourself the gift of luxurious, designer carpet floors

Despite the wide array of flooring choices available on the market nowadays, carpet remains a true favorite for many Canadian homes. While it offers a vast assortment of advantages that are sure to impress, what many homeowners truly appreciate about soft surfacing is its typically lower installation costs coupled with budget-friendly pricing. Get ready to be wowed by soft, luxurious fibers simply by reading the following positive benefits.


Soft fibers provide a comfortable, warm, inviting surfacing, especially for youngsters who like playing on the floor. In busy households, fibers underfoot absorb ambient noise, ensuring your home is ultimately quieter. Sounds between rooms and floors will be effectively reduced, thus limiting transmission. Aside from providing a generally quieter space, soft surfacing also improves energy efficiency and reduces heating costs. Place it in any space where you would like to have comforting warmth underfoot.


Radically reduce the risk of trips and falls in your home with this slip-resistant surfacing. Plus, should an incident occur nonetheless, rest easy knowing the soft, pressure absorbent fibers and padding can reduce the severity of impacts. Additionally, a carpet installation also reduces back and foot fatigue with its natural material fibers.

Easy maintenance

Manufacturers automatically produce soft surfacing that is highly resistant to soiling and stains. Thanks to advanced technologies, fibers are also beautifully crafted and designed for optimal wear. Restore the appearance of your soft surfacing easily with just a few minutes of your time. While damp cloth spot cleaning will usually get rid of any messes or spills, regular vacuuming normally gets rid of any dust particles that may remain.

Excellent design value

Without a doubt, soft surfacing provides excellent design value, allowing you to choose from a vast array of patterns, colors, textures, styles, and sumptuous, lush looks that will blend in seamlessly for your makeover. The high-quality versatility offers maximum design flexibility, which enables you to install the fibers effortlessly into pretty much any décor scheme.
Luxury carpet in Mission, BC from Wayco Flooring Ltd

Health benefits

The professionals at our carpet store in Mission, BC can also further explain the added health benefits to choosing this type of flooring. Acting as a trap to effectively catch allergens and dust, the fibers prevent these airborne annoyances from circulating within the room. As long as the installation is regularly and properly cleaned, the air quality in your home will improve.

Find your new style at Wayco Flooring Ltd!

Come on by our Wayco Flooring Ltd showroom in Mission, British Columbia, Canada to find your perfect carpet style. Serving the Mission, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and Langley, BC areas, our goal is to provide the finest flooring options at cost-effective prices.