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Durable and attractive for home or business: Laminate flooring

More and more, commercial spaces are seeking to capture the warmth and feel of a more residential setting. To achieve this goal, flooring manufacturers went to some of the tried and true favorites for home flooring and sought to innovate ways to help them handle the traffic found in a commercial setting. The result was a whole new way of building a laminate floor.

For your home

As always, laminate floors are a great option for any area of your home. They are durable and can take the wear and tear of even the most active family. Also, they are attractive and do an excellent job of mimicking the look of hardwoods and ceramic tiles. As a bonus, they are highly resilient to water, making them an excellent choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Designed to be a floating floor, they also are well suited to be put in any level of your home, even in a basement. These products are dressy enough for even the most formal rooms in your home and products that are casual enough that they work well in a den or kid’s bedroom. Whatever your need, laminate floors are up to the task.

For your business — technology below the surface

Typically, the core of a laminate floor is constructed from high-density fiberboard (HDF). This provides its strength and stability as it handles foot traffic. These work remarkably well in the home, but we wanted to see more strength for commercial applications. That is why Armstrong developed what they call a “Rigid Core” as part of their commercial laminate line.

The Rigid Core is constructed from a solid polymer, making it much more resilient to indentations that are common with the wear and tear of commercial spaces. Besides, these polymers are strong enough to bridge imperfections in the subfloor, making them flexible for a variety of commercial spaces. Finally, as commercial spaces are common places with lots of sound bouncing around, these polymers are designed to absorb and control sound, again to make it feel more like home.

Whether you are looking for a laminate floor for your home or your business, we, at Wayco Flooring Ltd, are your one-stop retailer in Mission, BC. Whether you live around the corner or you live in Mission, BC, Chilliwack, BC, Maple Ridge, BC, Abbotsford, BC, or Langley, BC, you should give us a call or stop by our showroom. Let us show you what options you have when it comes to laminate flooring.